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Imagine how we could reflect Christ if we worked together.

Uniting Churches

Who we are:

We are the church. We rally the churches together so the unified body can serve our neighbors in need. We amplify how the churches are serving in our community by connecting through relationship and mobilizing our shared resources.

We are focused on South Kent County and also part of a national movement. Love INC works across the country using a proven model, mobilizing the body of Christ to transform individual lives and unique communities all throughout the USA.

Authentic relationships are key.


What we do:

We build relationships. It is only through knowing our neighbors that we can learn to walk with them. It is only through building relationships with each other that we can network to meet needs. It is only through knowing our community partners that we can support the work of what others are already doing successfully. We desire to help others be transformed through relationships with Jesus and members of our church families.

We listen. It is only through listening that we can learn to serve in transforming ways. We desire to humbly serve, we believe everyone has gifts and assets. We desire to be transformed through learning from others.

We serve. We facilitate relationships of growth. We desire to walk closely with our neighbors and resource them through our churches and its people. We listen for gaps in the community and work in and through our partner churches to develop ministries to meet those gap needs.

Facilitating Kingdom resources to transform lives and communities.


How we serve:

We are a network of churches working collaboratively to impact communities in South Kent County. We desire to be in a relationship with one another to break down barriers, to resource individuals, to build up families, and to transform communities.

We facilitate these relationships and service through the Love INC Connection Center. Our Connection Center is where we hear people's stories, learn about their gifts and strengths, learn their needs and mobilize the church network to meet those needs. We employ Redemptive Compassion - we do not want to sustain people in their need - we want to see people restored and healed holistically considering spiritual, physical, relational, and emotional needs.


Redemptive Compassion Values

We value:

- People: Everyone is created by God and therefore has inherent value.

- Relationships: We want to learn about our neighbors and invest in people through relationships.

- Seeing potential: Everyone has God-given potential and hope is birthed when people understand this gift.

- Working together: Participation of all parties is required because we know that everyone has gifts and something to offer.

- Collective Discernment: We will take the time to listen for how God would have us respond to needs.

- Transformation: We believe Jesus really is the answer. We desire to see permanent change as well as growth for all involved.


Love INC

Transforming lives and communities through Christ. 

Email: loveincskc@gmail.com



Love INC is a national movement with over 120 affiliates working to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ all over the country. The National Love INC team equips and encourages each local affiliate including ours here in South Kent County.

"Uniting churches to help our community thrive through authentic relationships and mobilizing collective resources"

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