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Imagine how we could reflect Christ if we worked together.

Uniting Churches

Who we are:

We are a partnership of churches. We link the churches of South Kent County together so the unified body can serve our neighbors in need. We amplify how the churches are serving in our community by connecting through relationships and mobilizing our shared resources.  

Uniting Churches
Authentic relationships are key.


What we do:

We desire to help others be transformed through relationships with Jesus and members of our church families. We desire to be transformed through listening to and learning from others. We serve individuals by resourcing them in and through the Love INC Connection Center and our partner churches.

Facilitating Kingdom resources to transform lives and communities.


How we serve:

We are a partnership of churches working collaboratively to impact lives in south Kent County through the Love INC Connection Center. Our Connection Center is where we hear people’s stories, learn about their gifts and strengths, learn their needs and mobilize the church network to meet those needs. The Connection Center serves as a clearinghouse for both resources and needs. We help people in need to find the church and the church to find people in need.

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